The Importance Of Installing Pecafil & Corgrid Permanent Formwork  

formwork being constructed

The installation of Pecafil / Corgrid permanent formwork is a great tool which can be used universally across many areas of installing foundation structures, whether this may be reinforced concrete ground beams, reinforced concrete slabs, separation layers for piled walls, pile caps plus much more!

But what actually is it?

This type of permanent formwork typically consists of a wire mesh internal (This provides structural support) which is encapsulated by two sheets of polyethylene foil membrane (A tough, durable and rigid material which can withstand any concrete pressure). The material comes in distinctive colours such as yellow or green and is highly visible when being installed on site. Sheets can be supplied as standard flat or can be manufactured to suit ensuring any complex proposal can be adequately supported come concrete pour. Once the trenches have been dug, this permanent formwork can then be erected and usually provides a quick and easy install. Backfilling all external trench sides allows for additional external wall support to ensure the sheets hold their structure during the pouring of the concrete. The high visibility of the material also aids in accurate concrete installation.

Okay, so why is it important to consider installing?

Despite all the benefits, there are not too many negatives when considering. We have a listed a few below that we can think of.

  • Know the ground conditions! There may not always be the requirement for Pecafil or Corgrid if in the instance the excavation is likely to hold well. However, do bear in mind potential weather conditions – Wintery weather is likely to increase the requirement for a formwork solution.
  • Lead times – This can fluctuate depending on supplier volume. Despite being able to source flat sheets fairly easily, this material is not readily accessible when considering built to spec.
  • Volume of material required. If a minimal amount is required for on site installation, then it would most likely be more cost effective to stick with traditional timber shuttering.

To conclude, the benefits certainly outweigh the negatives and therefore we would advise the installation of a suitable Pecafil or Corgrid permanent formwork to the majority of foundation structures which are installed. We have included a few photos which demonstrate the accuracy obtained between a Structural Engineer’s drawing / design and how this is transferred to on site installation.

aerial view of formwork
aerial view of groundworks


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